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A Start-up Fintech in Romania has launched a global credit score. Do you know if you can get a loan?

Every day, you think about how to adjust your earnings to your needs. It's because of the frequently rising prices, the avalanche of advertising you are facing daily, and the social pressure to be in...

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What is a Credibility credit score?

Crediability Credit Score  is a numeric value between 0 and 1000. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of getting a loan. Is Crediability Score Different to Other Credi...

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What is a credit score? Who needs to calculate the Credit Score?

The credit score is a numeric value that reflects your credit servicing capacity and your probability of repaying your loan in the future. Credit scores are typically used by banks and other lending i...

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How do I benefit from a higher credit score?

Both banks and credit companies calculate your credit score to decide whether or not to give you the loan. They analyze your credit report, the personal details provided when filing the credit form, a...

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How can I improve my credit score?

A higher score means more chances to get the loan you want. Improving the score can be a long process since it is based on actions or events that have long-term effects. However, getting a higher s...

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How could I build my credit history if I'm young or have recently moved to another country?

The lack of credit history is a problem faced by young people or people who have recently moved to another country. A credit history is usualy builded over time and it may take months to get to fee...

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