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Credit report explained

Your credit score Crediability

We calculate your credit score after the Crediability algorithm, which takes into account your financial, behavior, family, work, living, and psychological aspects that could influence your behavior in relation to the financier and, your chances of getting a credit. The score value is a number from 0 to 1000. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of getting a loan.

Your indebtedness

We calculate your indebtedness, explain what your value is to you, and make recommendations for managing your indebtedness to Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions.

Are you curious to know how your credit score compares with other applicants?

Find out how many of your country's and other world's clients have a better credit profile than yours.

Each type of credit involves a different decision

Credit Card, Fast Credit, Car Credit / Leasing, Home Loan, Business Credit etc. - are many types of credit, do not you think? That's exactly why we will personally calculate your monthly credit rate depending on the type and duration of your credit so you can afford it and not affect your ability to pay.

Customized recommendations

Based on your profile and the metrics we calculate, we make personalized recommendations to improve your credit score and, implicitly, improve your credit chances. And not just the chances of a credit can grow, a better score means a more advantageous interest.