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What is the Credit Score offered by Crediability?
The Credit Score offered by Crediability is a number from 0 to 1000 that helps you understand whether Banks or non-bank financial institutions would accept to give you a loan. The higher the score, the higher your chances are to get a loan. Also, the higher the score, the higher the chance to get the most advantageous interest.
In which countries the Crediability Credit Score is valid?
Crediability Credit Score is valid in 15 countries, including Romania, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Russia, India, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, USA and the geographical area is continuously expanding. Read our news to find out in which countries we are present.
Why should I calculate my Crediability Credit Score?
The Crediability Credit Score is a financial resume. It is good to know your Crediability Credit Score to understand your financial standing and have control over your finances management. Whether low or high, it's better to know your Crediability Credit Score than not have a clue about it. The good news is that the Crediability Credit Score, even if it is bad, can be improved. And we’ll tell you how.
Who can apply for a Crediability Credit Score?
Anyone who has reached the age of majority (in most countries 18 years of age) can apply to calculate their Crediability Credit Score.
Do I have to send a query to the Credit Bureau?
We do not send any query to Credit Bureaus. We calculate your Crediability Credit Score, indebtedness, and your chances to get new loans based on your data. Thus, the final result is dependent on how you answer to the questions in the scoring form, therefore you can experiment without limits.
What do you do with my personal data?
Crediability Credit Score is probably the only tool of its kind that does not process and does not collect personal information. Yes, it is true. We do not identify you, we do not ask for your phone number or email, address or other contact details.
Will I be disturbed by different offers from the Crediability Credit Score?
No, it is impossible, we do not collect any address where we can send offers or other information.
How can I improve my Credit Score?
The first step to improving your Credit Score is to make a Crediability Credit Score. Then understand what factors are affecting you. The simplest way to build and maintain a Credit Score is by paying your due financial obligations. If you do not have a credit history, the simplest way is to get a credit card or a shopping card, and use small amounts of money that you can repay on time. This way you will record your credit history and prove that you are responsible. Of course, there are individual factors that influence credit chances, for this reason Crediability Credit Score gives you a complete, personalised report for a better understanding.
If I have a low Credit Score does it mean I'm not likely to get a loan?
Even if you have a low score, we offer you advice on how to increase it. There are credit institutions that offer loans even to those with a lower Credit Score.
Do the debts of my relatives affect my Credit Score?
As long as you were not registered as a co-borrower with someone or have ever been a surety (guarantor) for someone else's loan, the debts of your family and relatives will not affect you.
Will the Crediability Credit Score calculation affect my credit history?
Since we do not send any query to Credit Bureau, your credit history will not be affected in any way.
How do I calculate my Crediability Credit Score?
It is quite simple. Press the „Start Scoring” button on the Home page, then choose the product and make a payment for your chosen product. After completing the payment process, you receive a unique code, which you have to save / write down for later use. This will be the access code in the Scoring Form. Answer the questions in the form and at the end press the end button. Your custom report will be generated automatically and you can download it on your computer or other gadget.
How do you check if I answered correctly to the questions?
The Crediability Credit Score is a simulator for assessing your financial standing. You are the one who decides how correct your answers are.
If I purchased a Crediability product with multiple scoring, how do I use them if I do not have an account?
When we sell the product, we offer you a unique 6-digit code that you need to write down / save somewhere to use it later in the authentication process. This code will also be entered into the transaction details with the card, and you will be able to view it in your account statement.
What if I lose my unique code?
If you've lost your unique code, then you're illustrating the details of the card transaction, and you'll be able to view it in your account statement.
What does Crediability Global Score actually mean?
It means your credit score calculated on the basis of your data through the scoring form, taking into account the value of your country's macroeconomic and social indicators and their dynamics compared to other countries macroeconomic and social indicators.
What does the indebtedness mean?
The indebtedness means the ratio between the amount of monthly payables related to the credit or lease contracts a person has and their total net income.